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I'm Kirstie :] I'm a self-taught home cook and extremely passionate about food and cooking. This is my blog to post the food I make, which consists of both my own recipes as well as other chefs' recipes. I also reblog anything food related that catches my attention. The only pictures that I own will be stated as that. I just want to share my love for food on here and I hope you like what you see :]

Also, my own personal recipes have approximate measurements, as I typically "eye-ball" the amount of ingredients that I use, so use your judgement.

Pan Fried Chicken Breasts /w/ Panchetta Cream & Couscous

These are both so delicious. The chicken recipe is Brad Sorenson’s, a Next Food Network Star finalist. His recipe calls for boneless chicken thighs, but I use breasts because I’m not a fan of dark meat.

The couscous is Ina Garten’s. It calls for dried currants, but I use dried cranberries. It calls for 3-4 shallots, but I find that 2 is plenty. I also omit the parsley and add either chives or scallions to add more flavor. Also, pine nuts can be really expensive, so feel free to omit if you are on a budget.



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